Sharing Success with Tomorrow’s Leaders

Our mission is to identify tomorrow’s leaders irrespective of their race, gender, faith or ethnicity; and provide personalised opportunities and awards to accelerate development of those leaders for whom such support is not ordinarily available.

We achieve this through:

  • Mentorship & Coaching
  • Leadership and training programmes
  • Recognising Achievement

  • Building Leadership Networks

Our Story

The Powerlist Foundation was formed as an offshoot from the Powerlist – a magazine profiling Britain’s most influential black people. In 2007, the New Nation, a leading black newspaper, published the first Powerlist – a tribute to a group of black individuals who have achieved significant positions in UK society.

The idea for the Powerlist had been the brainchild of the then New Nation Newspaper editor – Michael Eboda – who subsequently left New Nation and established his own publishing company, Powerful Media. Powerful Media has successfully published subsequent Powerlists as its central activity. Allied to the Powerlist are other publications and events including a Tomorrow’s Leaders list, identifying undergraduates from ethnic minorities who are marked out by their academic institutions as having high potential as future leaders within their chosen field.

At the end of a City dinner in 2009 generously hosted by JP Morgan to celebrate the publication of that year’s Powerlist, the Foundation came about through particular leaders asking what they could actually ‘do’ to create something worthwhile from the Powerlist. A few leaders pulled together ten like minded individuals and set about making a difference; bringing together an eclectic mix of senior people within investment banking, law, private equity and business to form the bedrock of the Powerlist Foundation.

The common threads that bonded all of our trustees was quite simple: success and education – the two pillars that have gone on to drive the Powerlist Foundation. That ambitious aspiration became reality at our launch in November 2010.

The newly formed Board of Trustees has hit the ground running and we have succeeded in confirming our vision, defining our goals, raising sufficient funds to pay for our first years of existence and establishing our first Leadership Programme in 2011. The latter, kindly designed and resourced by Deloitte, has accelerated the attainment of a group of amazing young people who are clearly marked out for future greatness.

The Leadership Programme is an annual event and we hope to augment it with the creation of a Powerlist Foundation Leadership Academy once suitable facilities can be found. In addition to these core streams, we have been approached by many individuals who, inspired by our example, have proposed other activities which will help build a world where personal achievement depends on talent and application and is not affected by colour, race, gender or religion. This spontaneous outpouring of support and goodwill has been typical of the heart warming reaction which the Powerlist Foundation has attracted in its short life.

– Ken Olisa (Chairman of Board of Trustees)


Our Leadership Blog

You can get a deeper insight into the Powerlist Foundation, get to know members of our community and follow our progress via our blog.