Supports Us

We want to help you to get involved in our vision in whatever way works best for you.

Support comes in all forms: donations, time or even ideas. Whatever you choose to offer, we are more than happy to receive. With your support, today’s young people will transform into tomorrow’s leaders.

  • £100 could pay for one young high achieving young person to participate in our 3.5 day intensive leadership programme. This would cover travel, catering, networking and support material.
  • £500 could pay for a week of intensive personalised leadership coaching for one young person to advance their leadership goals.
  • £3,500 could provide a year of leadership training, mentoring and coaching for one young person who will benefit from not only enhancing their skills and knowledge, but also the attitudes and behaviours needed to succeed and thrive in a global society.
  • £20,000 could pay for an entire year of support for 200 young people to ensure that the Powerlist Foundation continues to share success with tomorrow’s leaders.

Whether it’s online fundraising, regular giving or donating by text message, you can support the Powerlist Foundation by donating via JustGiving.

Using easyfundraising is just about the simplest way to raise money for the Powerlist Foundation. EasyFundraising work with over 2000 retailers who have all agreed to pass a donation to charities when you shop with them. To raise money, instead of going directly to the retailer website, log into easyfundraising first and click on the retailer you want to shop with. You’ll then be taken to the retailer’s website where you shop as you would normally. But because you visited easyfundraising first, the Powerlist Foundation gets a donation. It really is that simple.

Donating shares

Did you know that donating shares is one of the most tax-effective ways to give to charity?

Over 12 million people in the UK own shares, with a combined value of more than £200 billion. If only a tiny fraction of these were given to charity, imagine what a difference it could make.

You can put shares to good use by giving them to charity, because they can be more tax-effective than giving cash.

  • You won’t have to pay any capital gains tax on the shares you donate and you can claim income tax relief too.
  • If you are a higher rate (40%) taxpayer you will be able to claim income tax relief equal to 40% of the value of the gift.
  • If you are a highest rate (50%) taxpayer you will be able to claim income tax relief equal to 50% of the value of the gift.


If you would like to donate shares to Powerlist Foundation, contact us and we will send you a letter acknowledging your intended gift. Email


Please note…

The Powerlist Foundation is unable to offer advice on personal tax issues. So if you are unsure of your tax situation, we recommend that you speak to a financial advisor or contact the HM Revenue & Customs helpline on 0845 900 0444. Or visit their website at